It Came from Space!


Ancillary explainer video about the technological and scientific advances of the space program created for social media and digital platforms to promote Smithsonian Channel's Apollo's Moon Shot series.



Senegal's Missing Fish


This animation was created in collaboration with a group of journalists for a long-read article about the collapse of the fisheries off the coast of Senegal. Check out the article at PRI here.

Animation by Aurélie Beatley
Writing by Marc Herman, Meaghan Beatley, Lucía Benavides, Sam Edwards, Zach Campbell, and Aurélie Beatley
Data analysis and visualisation by Joel Telles



The Young and the Restless—music video


I created the music video for an extremely talented group of Scottish musicians called Tide Lines. It illustrates the single off their debut album, Dreams We Never Lost. Available on iTunes here.



Hou Yi and the Ten Suns


This animation based on a traditional Chinese folktale was made as a promotional video for the China Program of the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.


Created by Aurélie Beatley

Narrated by Karlie Leung

Music from "China: Chuida Wind and Percussive Instrumental Ensembles" (SI Folkways)

Furore Normannorum 


Here's some nonsense about the Norsemen I made one evening.